Being Yourself.

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We don’t want to be naked. We all appear to walk around with both physical and psychological clothes on. We’re afraid of what others might think of us. Even when we externally portray ourselves as people without the need of others approval. Yet, here we are, manipulating our pictures, micromanaging our relationships, editing our status updates.

We’re social creatures and we don’t want to be rejected. We need social acceptance. We urge to feel like we’re giving value. Everyone wants to contribute to a world that is so hugely complicated that it overwhelms us. It’s not good enough to simply live. We need to live lives that are exciting. We find the need to capture every moment on camera in order for us to remember that moment existed. We crave the likes that we get on social media. People will act as though this isn’t true, that they are different, that they don’t require social validation. They deny that they are human beings. They deny their nature.

Everyone needs some sort of reaction. Everyone needs  their existence to be acknowledged. This is why being lonely is so difficult. This is why being in solitary confinement is considered a form of torture.

We are all scared of losing those that we love when we truly express ourselves. We don’t buy the idea that they give us unconditional love. It would seem that everything is conditional. The condition is that we act in the way that we’re expected to act. To follow the rules set forth by those that came before us. When we break those rules, it is seen as treason. Why do we get to break those rules? Why do we get to be the ones that run free and wild. It is as though everyone really wishes they could do it themselves, but don’t have the courage to say and do what they please. They are too addicted to comfort. Addicted to the world that they live in. It is no way to be alive if your life is not a spectrum of expression.

You should aim to just be whatever you want to be. To cut away your name, religion, identity and any other abstraction that limits you through your cultural conditioning. Say fuck you to cultural conditioning. You don’t have to do what they say you have to do. Quit your job. Stop smoking. Change and adapt. Swear. Run. Fuck. Fall in love.  Become whoever you need to become.

You’re not a bad person for not always doing the right thing. As a matter of fact, no one really knows what the ‘right’ thing is. But they will tell you they do. They will lecture, and talk and talk. Don’t listen. You don’t have to take it from them. Find out for yourself. Make the mistakes. They are yours to make.

We’re living in a dream. A dream that goes on and on. Never ending, always changing. That’s why being you is important. You is all that is. You can’t be anything else but yourself. You can’t act and be someone else forever. Might as well say all the things you feel like saying, walk around naked and see yourself as you truly are. This beaming ape like thing, walking on two legs. This collection of atoms and molecules, and stardust. Whatever scale you want to view yourself from. Whatever angle you look, it’s all you. Wonderful you.


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